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How do I change my name and SSN to save my life?

Here's my situation. My ex has threatened to kill me. I've been with him for 4 years and I know he's a man of his word and will stop at nothing to do this. He's abused me for years and said if I ever turned him in he would kill me or have me killed. He was a police officer but now is on leave because of the allegations against him. He was arrested and there's a protection order in place but I know that will do nothing to stop him. Most of his friends are in law enforcement and most are taking his side. Most of them are dirty cops too. I've tried to get more help but I'm only getting sent in circles. I'm single in my 30's and have no children so I can go into hiding easily but I know he will find me. He's very resourceful. I need to change my name and social security number but I'm afraid to do it legally because it creates a paper trail for him to track me and from what I've heard it you change your name but not your SSN unless it's for id theft. Someone please help.
How do I change my name and SSN to save my life?
I would check with a local batterd women's shelter. They may be able to get you in touch with someone who can help you. In addition, they may be able to put you in touch with police from another county, or police who do not know your ex or his friends. Another thing you can do is try going through the SS office directly.
How do I change my name and SSN to save my life?
A judge can help you.

You may need to hire a lawyer.
You have to go to the courthouse or police station and they will take care of that for you. There is no other way. They will to give you a secret identity and have secret services guarentee your safety. They will have someone to check in with that will make sure everything okay.
Leave town TODAY, don't tell anyone you are leaving and don't even decide on a place to go for at least 2 hrs of driving. if you know someone in another stae you can trust, use them to forward mail for you - place your mail in a second envelop addressed to your friend who will then open it and mail it from their town, that way you cannot be tracked through the cancelled envelope. See a lawyer, call the FBI.
I'd get a gun, if it's self defense you have a right to use it.
Document it, get a TRO, get a gun, shot him if he comes near you. Stop running %26amp; face your attacker. Even if you are found guilty, I doubt you will serve more than 2 years for defending yourself from your attacker. If you are truly a victim of a violent crime (domestic violence), then your state should have an office to help you with these problems, no matter who your ex knows. Call the District Attorney %26amp; ask them for advice.
You must go to your nearest Social Security office and ask!
A lot of answers up there, some helpful some not. It you shoot him, make sure he is attacking you. ( bad idea though )There are battered women's shelters where you can get real advise. If you cannot find ANY SOLUTION then be prepared to cut all ties, family, friends, etc. Leave town. Take all your money, in cash. Go to another state. Find a cemetery. Look for a female, about the right age. Send for a copy of the birth certificate. When you have that, get a S.S. # and driver's license. Leave that area and go to another state and start a new life. Get a different type of job. Change your hair color and the way you dress. Everything about you must be completely new and different. I hope it doesn't come to this.

Good luck to you. God Bless you.
can u leave the area, perhaps a trusted friend or someone in the police dept can help, maybe? this is a hard one, most cops beat their wives or cheat on them so it will be hard like u said to find one you can trust, what about the states attorney? Or a local battered womans shelter should have info for you. good luck hon, i have lived with this problem in the past, even if he hurts u they find ways to lower the charges to almost nothing, please get away, try the shelter for advice if nothing else. please.
Wow, talk about being between a rock and a hard place. I would call the nearest FBI office.
i would see if you can do a witness protection plan, until then, move as far away as possible, maybe with a friend, so he cant track you (no paper work) i would get a p.o box at where ur living now, and have someone check it for you once a week, i would also TELL NOONE! where you are at, b/c he can get the info from whoever you call. also, get a gun. if he does try anything, shoot to kill. self denfense. or have a family member live with you who has a gun and they can kill the guy (but only if your life is in danger at that point) and that is called denfence agains a faimly member.
I don't know what the laws are in USA which is where I assume you are living, but I was in a similar situation to you - my ex knows where I work, but everyone at work was made aware of my situation and they watched out for me, they also moved me so he wouldn't know where my office was now. I have a %26quot;silent%26quot; phone number and I have had my name removed from the electoral roll so he cannot find my current address. I was very careful to move to an area he was not familiar with and until I knew he had moved away, I always parked in a safe place, locked my car doors and got good security for my house and I was (and still am, even though now remarried) very careful of my surroundings and very aware. I also did things like go to a different bank (changed banks actually), a different video store, different grocery stores, etc, so I wasn't in familiar places all the time in case he tried to accidentally on purpose run into me.

I think you need to get legal advice as to how you can change your name (here you can simply fill out a form with the Electoral Office, but dont' know how in your country) and your %26quot;SSN%26quot; but in the meantime, since you dont' have children, are you able to move interstate or at least to another town and/or change your job? You should also make sure that only good and trustworthy friends and family know where you have moved to - don't let every person know or he will find out. Good luck.

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