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How do I disappear from my parents?

I'm 18 years old. After I graduate, I鈥檓 planning on running away from my parents legally. I already know which house I will be going to(which they don't know about), and I plan to change my legal first and last name and social security number as soon as I get there. I will be driven there by somebody that my parents never met. I know that I will have to get my ID, birth certificate, passport, and social security card. I don鈥檛 have a drivers license or car, so that should make things a bit easier. I will permenantly stop using my current email address and scribble out my social security number from their phonebook, because that鈥檚 the only place they keep it, and they don鈥檛 remember it. I plan to search a completely random location on google maps and leave it in their history to make them think that鈥檚 where I鈥檓 going, and I will throw away my bank card and phone SIM card. Is there anything else I should do to succesfully disappear from my parents without them being able to track me down?
How do I disappear from my parents?
If you're legally an adult, why is all this action necessary? As an adult you would never be viewed as a %26quot;runaway%26quot; by the law. Have your parents been physically abusive? Threatened you with bodily harm? If so, then maybe a restraining order is what you need--but it sounds like you think your parents have more power over you as an adult than they really have (certainly more than the law allows).

Talk to a teacher that you trust. He or she can help steer you towards someone who can help you think this through more clearly. Two heads are better than one.

Good luck.
How do I disappear from my parents?
Change your appearence?
why? they are your own parents. they give you a LIFE.

they give you everything include clothe, game, and etc...

if you run away from ur parents and u might will have hard time.
YES as a parent I think you should think long and hard about what you plan to do.and they can always get your social security number from the office They are your parents. What could they have possibly done to deserve this horrible act
Change the way you look and do things.
A) You can't change your SSN that easily

B) It's listed on all their tax returns

C) Why not just move out and act like an adult instead of running away like a child?
Why would you wanna get away from your patents just ask them if they say no that mean they want you to be safe and not to do wrong stuff thanks.
become less of a dork?
well letz see wen ur trying to disappear from parents u need to,

change ur look to something really new like idk for example emo or goth so they wont recoginze you.
I'd have guessed younger, based on your impractical plan and your inability to empathize with your parents once you have disappeared.

If they have abused you in some way, fine, cut off all contact. Move out. Support yourself. If they phone, hang up. If they visit, shut the door. If they email, delete without reading.

But it's cruel and very probably stupid to spend so much effort disappearing. As the people who brought you into the world, they have the right to know where you are and that you're all right. Establish contact with a relative if you cannot deal with speaking or writing to your parent.

You sound like you're more interested in the little adventure of disappearing than you are like acting like an adult who faces his problems and finds a way to deal with them. You're not the first 18 year old to think s/he hates his parents. Most find a way to manage a civil relationship.
If they got enough money they will be able find you despite all your efforts. For example, they can put a track on your high school records. Any time someone asks for a transcript they will be informed. So you may as well forget about going to college or joining the service or getting a government job. Another example, they can simply keep declaring you on your taxes. They did put your SSAN on those forms so do not believe they only have it written down in one place. All they have to do is look at last years taxes. If they keep declaring you on their taxes and you file income taxes the IRS is going to notice it. And bingo, your parents will know where you went.

To totally disappear you need to start over, not %26quot;change your name.%26quot; The easiest way to start over is to move to another country.

Join the French Foreign Legion as they give you the opportunity to start over with a whole new identity.
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