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Do you agree illegal alien should of been deported expired license plates fake Social Security card?

This guy continued to ignore the laws and break the laws when it caught up him we get how unfair life is , our laws are-Do illegals think certain laws should be ignored or deemed excused from them.Please explain what you think ? Claudia and Jose Garcia moved from Dallas to Irving looking for a peaceful place near a school to raise their three children.

They wanted their daughter to be able to walk to kindergarten rather than suffer through the long bus ride their sons endured in Dallas.

But Mr. Garcia's arrest on Sept. 18 by Irving police changed everything. He was transferred to immigration authorities for deportation to Mexico, prompting his wife to flee to Dallas.

%26quot;I took my children out of school because I am also undocumented,%26quot; she said. %26quot;I lost everything.%26quot;

Mrs. Garcia, 32, is living proof of the warning issued last month by Irving ISD Superintendent Jack Singley: Deportations are causing immigrants to go %26quot;on the run%26quot; and pull their children out of school.

No one knows how many illegal immigrant families or U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent have left Irving because of the Police Department's role in the deportation program.

Mr. Singley sought to calm fearful parents in a letter.

%26quot;This is a legal matter carried out by law enforcement officials in which the Irving ISD plays no part,%26quot; Mr. Singley wrote. %26quot;However, the impact of these activities has come to the schoolhouse.%26quot;

He never came home

Mr. Garcia, 28, a construction worker, was driving home when he called his wife to say he would be there soon. He never arrived.

An officer pulled him over at Nursery and Shady Grove roads in Irving for driving with expired license plates and no driver's license. Police arrested him for outstanding warrants related to unpaid traffic tickets.

He also carried a fake Social Security card, police said.

Last year, Irving police began participating in the Criminal Alien Program, which meant that they turned Mr. Garcia over to federal immigration authorities for possible deportation. More than 1,700 illegal immigrants have fallen into the CAP in Irving.

National publicity about the large number of arrested immigrants Irving police have turned over for deportation has brought the city a lot of attention in recent months.

Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said unpaid traffic tickets are the biggest reason people get arrested and put into the Criminal Alien Program. Please read more@
Do you agree illegal alien should of been deported expired license plates fake Social Security card?
Yes he should be deported. One of the funniest things to me is how these illegal aliens seem to be under the impression that breaking the law is ok. They also seem to be flabbergasted at the thought that people want the laws upheld. So, this guy turned out to be an illegal alien driving an unregistered vehicle with out a license and using false documents to propagate this lie. I wonder if he realizes that this mess he has found himself in is HIS own doing.
Do you agree illegal alien should of been deported expired license plates fake Social Security card?
You have to be blind not to see the arrogance that illegal aliens have.

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Absolutely. He should have been deported immediately.
They should be deported as they come into contact with law enforcement regardless of why.
You betcha. Sob stories should not undermine the Rule Of Law.
Yes, deported immediately. All property he owns here should be seized by the Federal Government and sold at a auction. All proceeds go into the general fund. That would make the illegal aliens think about coming here and staying then.
is this all you have to live for? posting shitt about illegal immigrants breaking the law? In your world it is only the illegal immigrants that do wrong. how pathetic.
Yes, sexymamawga, illegals are criminals at the very moment they set foot on this soil. You seem to forget about that everytime. But the laws don't apply to you, right?
They should stay in jail or put tattoo or a solid bracelet on their wrist *illegal alien*
Our Government wants to give America away so there will be The North American Union .

Yes deport them all
Well, I think that the best way to deport illegal aliens from our country is to start with securing our borders, raid work place of illegals and arrest the ones giving job to illegals, tax the money that is send to Mexico by the illegals, fine all cities that are breaking our laws by giving sanctuary status to illegals. If the government implement the laws that are already written, then all illegals will return to their country and we don't have to spend any money deporting them.
Wow, my husband and I have been talking about moving, I think I'll check this place out and see if it's somewhere we might be interested in.

Sad, yes, but we can't look at people as individual stories, because in the end, if they are illegal, well they are illegal. The saddest part is for the children. Their parents are selfish and the lowest of lows to put their children through fear like this.

We did not ask him or his family to come here illegally, that was their choice. There are consequences to ones actions, good intentions or not. When the Piper comes to collect, well, pay up buddy!
Enforcement of current immigration laws WILL time, 20 million CAN be new immigration laws are necessary.......
Criminal presence in the country, stolen identity, driving with expired plates -- deport! Deport!

No matter how many anchor babies he's worked with his wife to drop on U.S. soil.

Let them all go with him and start a new life with the skills they got while milking the cow for free here in the U.S.A.
So sad but too bad. Sob stories are for the weak and stupid. Illegal is illegal and they already knew it. Just keep reporting the truth and forget the stupid pros and illegals, they have no rights here. And three cheers for Irving, Tx.
it's about time.
you seem to forget that these people came here to bulid a better life for their children. if any one of you says that you would not go to extremes for your children, you are either heartless or a liar.

this is not a %26quot;sob story.%26quot; its a true story of many of the poor. mexicans aren't leeches. they are not here to ruin your lives. most of the jobs they take, you would not want. really, do any of you want to work in a slaughterhouse? i didn't think so.

they are illegal. but without them, our economy would not function. we would produce no produce or other crops. they should not be illegal, because we can't function without them.

so basically, you are raging on these people because they are poor and different. seems a little bit cruel.

(oh, and YOU are an immigrant unless you're native american. remember, god made us all to love each other, not hate eachother. we are all from the same place.)
I wonder when people are going to wake up to the illegal situation, they are ruining this country. I don't care if they come here for their poor down trodden it illegally.

There are people here that have been displaced in their jobs by illegals working for less money. There is company right down the road from me, that last year was all english speaking they are all spanish. They have signs in the front of the building saying they are hiring, but the good ole locals dont get hired....I wonder what their familys are doing...Humm we are paying well fare for them and the illegals too! Double wammmy

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