Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tennesee custody laws? im 16 almost 17 help please

My gradnparents have raised me since a baby i have seen my dad off and on during that time im 16 now ive been spending alot of more time with him. i hate living with my grandparents my papa is always drunk harassing me and my boyfriend my grandma always has to take care of her mother and has no time for me much. what steps do i need to take to move in with my dad he is much more educated and dosent drink anymore and is very well set finacially and treats me better and will have more time for me and help me with school. how to i go about switching custody form grand parents from him. i wouldnt have to change schools or anything. i dont know if they have joint custody or not and my grandma wont give me my social security number or birth certificate what can i do?
Tennesee custody laws? im 16 almost 17 help please
Your dad can obtain your ss card and birth certificate, if his name is on there.

As far as switching custody, your dad should take care of that. He would need to seek legal aid to steer him the right way, should he choose not to hire an attorney.

Although, you don't enjoy living with your grandparents, just don't forget that their the ones who raised you and cared for you. So if and when you move out, just don't forget about them.

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