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My brothers negative info is appearing in my credit file. We had the same address, and similar names. Help!?

My credit file is being sabataged by my brothers negative info I have since gone as far to change my name, and I have moved to another state. I think that I may need a new Social security number. Can someone tell me what options I have? Or explain to me how to get out of this...
My brothers negative info is appearing in my credit file. We had the same address, and similar names. Help!?
Is your brother using your social security number? If so he has stolen your identity. You have to call the three major credit reporting companies, Equifax being one of them, and explain the situation. Google for the names of the other two. If he has stolen your identity, it is a criminal matter.
My brothers negative info is appearing in my credit file. We had the same address, and similar names. Help!?
contact the reporting agency, tell them your name and SSN and tell them you're not your brother. i got a lot of my father's info in my credit report, we have the same names, just different middle names and had the same address. it was kinda nice having my dad associated with me, he had a long employment history with good credit record (sometimes they mess up to your advantage)
Errors on your credit report are nororiuosly hard to get fixed. However, step one (if you haven't already done so) is to go to and order copies of your credit reports from all three major reporting agencies. Once you have the reports in hand, each agency has a website and 1-800 number to report errors. You also have the right to add a %26quot;comsumers comment%26quot; to any entry you feel is in error. The comments appear on the report to anyone that pulls your credit.

Hope this helps.
The reporting agencies do not go by name or address, but by your stoical security number. The number you are given at birth is yours for life and you can not go and get a new one. The best thing to do is to check your reports and then contact the reporting agency that the information is inaccurate and belongs to your brother. They will notify the credit company that gave them the information. If they do come back and tell you that it was %26quot; you %26quot; that opened the accounts then you need to have a talk with your brother and let him know that you know that he has used your credit and that you will have to get it fixed. The next thing to do after that would be to make a police report and then file for theft of identity with the credit offices. It will take some time and you may even have to take your brother to court to get your name cleared, but if you did not open the accounts or authorize him to then he needs to pay the price not you. Hope this helps and best of luck.
Contact the credit bureau, and give them your information to be corrected.
If you ran your credit report through Trans Union, there should be a reference # on the top right hand side. Call their customer service # 1-800-916-8800 then type in the reference that will transfer you to a live person. If you did not run the credit report yet, call 1-877-322-8228.
As others have said regardless of similar name, and same addresses, contained inyour credit file is attached to your social security number....

As far as going about getting a new can be done but under very very drastic and neccessary circumstances...your local Social Security Administration office will determine this by your situation...

Your brother may be using your social security number!!!

Try to find out if he is until then I would suggest getting a fraud alert considering the info in your report is not yours

Good Luck

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