Friday, 16 September 2011

I accidentally used an incorrect social security number?

I realized quite recently that over the last 2+ years, I was unintentionally using the wrong social security number in applying for work. Specifically, I was off by one digit. It's been used in employment for one job two years ago, and for fingerprinting for a place I volunteered last year.

How urgent is it to call up these places to let them know my records are inaccurate and that they need to be changed? In addition, who else do I notify?
I accidentally used an incorrect social security number?
Simply contact the place you worked and the volunteer place and tell them you made a mistake , and correct the number. You may contact other places if you like. It is possible that a place found your number didnt match the id and never bothered to tell you.

You might contact your local social security office to ask for their advice. Your ssn is used for taxation purposes , so check that all your pay and deductions for social security, were properly assigned to you. You may need to contact the tax department if they were not .
I accidentally used an incorrect social security number?
definitely let them know. for starters, if you lose your job and become unemployed, the labor dept uses your work history to determine how much you get in unemployment benefits. If you used the wrong ss #, then that salary won't apply to you. then, of course, there's Social Security benefits when you are retired. again, if it isn't applied to your correct SS # then you may have put money into SS from your paycheck, and not have gotten credit for it. As for the volunteer place, I'd tell them too. Imagine how embarrassed you'd be if the number you used belonged to someone who all of a sudden got arrested, and they thoguht it was you?

Did you do your taxes those years? You may need to contact the Social Securty office to let them know the wrong number was used with your name, accidentally, and also the IRS, depending on what you paid/received for taxes and whether you got credit for that salary and tax deductions out of your paycheck.
You should correct it with anyone you gave it to. (1) its the right thing to do and (2) it will keep you out of jail for identity theft. Now that you know the number is wrong, you would be intentionally using the wrong number or have KNOWN you used the wrong number.

It's best to be honest and at least send them a letter. If any of this is income related, it could really mess up your taxes AND the taxes of the person that the number belongs to!
First notify your local Social Security office as your earned benefits have been going to another party.

Second notify everyone that you gave the incorrect information to so that their records can be corrected.

Notify the IRS of your error as you may be due for a refund or owe money.
WOW! All i know is that its a federal crime and you can get sentenced to life in prison. I would just keep doing what your doing to tell you the truth. You havent been cought so far:)
I highly suggest you call up these organizations and get this fixed. You never know the consequences.
You are still responsible for the consequences in doing that. This IRS does not care. Trust when I say that there will be consequences!!

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