Friday, 16 September 2011

I want a new middle name? How can I do this?

Okay, I would really like to have a middle name. I don't know if it's harder to add a new middle name or change one, but currently, I have no middle name (Just a First and Last name) :)

I am currently 17 years old.

My parents have approved and has agreed upon this because they believe my name will not also have a meaning to it, but the reason why they did not give me one was because they wanted me to find a good name when I grow up. And I believe this is the time.

I'm currently understanding that my parents will talk to a lawyer of somesort, but I have no clue on what the procedure is.

I heard you have to change your social security number?!?!?
I want a new middle name? How can I do this?
Why do it legally forever? Just give yourself a nickname and if you want to later you can change it. Doing it legally is a bit of a hassle and then in five years or whenever, you may not like it at all. I say call yourself whatever you like as a middle name, just don't sign it on any legal documents and you will be fine. Most people have a nickname that they are called anyway, so that would work fine.
I want a new middle name? How can I do this?
Get a lawyer to put it on the books. Doesn't cost much.
Go to your local court house and file a petition for a name change with the clerk. It's about $35 AND you'll need your signature and your parents' signatures noterized (your bank will do it for free; you'll need BOTH parents' permission if you're under 18). Once your local judge grants the petition, you'll get a letter and they will automatically file the petition with your state of birth's Department of Vital Statistics and send you a confirmation letter and viola you have a new middle name.

Good luck.

Edit: No. You will NOT need or get a new social security number, not for a middle name change.
There's not much of a cost and you would have to change your name with Social Security. It you wait until you're 18, you can do this without your parents help.
It is very simple, and you don't need a lawyer. Call your local Town Clerk and/or Probate Judge. It should cost you around $75.
what is the point of doing that?

oh welly...its ur name

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