Saturday, 24 September 2011

HUGE name problem -- please help!!?

My fiance has a bit of a problem. Well it's both of our problem now. It's really confusing so read closely please. When he was a baby he was adopted and his adoptive mother changed his name. He went to school and graduated high school with the name his adoptive mother gave him. Yet he cannot work because his name doesn't match his social security number because the number is for his old name. Someone tell us what to do. We have been going back and forth with the court house and they keep rejecting everything because we don't have enough documentation, but if he doesn't have it what are we supposed to do about that? It really sucks. I don't understand how you can go to and graduate school with a name that doesn't even has a social security number. He's even went to jail with his adoptive name, without a social security number? His probation identification paper has his picture and his adoptive name and next to where his SS number is supposed to go it has %26quot;unverified%26quot;. We were just going to go and get an ID for him with his birth name just until we can get this name change legal once and for all, but he needs documentation that he does not have because everything has his adoptive name on it. Confusing huh? Have you or anyone you know ever had to go through this and what did they do?? Please help it's really frustrating. We would like to get a move on with our lives. Thanks a bunch!!! You will save our lives literally if you have a correct answer.
HUGE name problem -- please help!!?
All he has to do is get in touch with the clerk of court where the name change was filed, get a copy of the order for the change, and take that to the social security office to have it changed in their records. I just did that for my kids, took 15 minutes.
HUGE name problem -- please help!!?
He just got out of high school, and he's been in jail already?

Seriously, you should dump him.

If you stick with him, things will just get worse and worse and worse.

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