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How is my dad getting away with not paying child support, and how can i get him to pay or thrown in jail?

My dad has been skipping out on child support payments on 4 kids for some time now. I haven't seen him in almost 3 years and it is like he just disappeared off the face of this earth. He was paying for a short time, abruptly stopped, and then never heard of him again. The attorney generals say that they cant find him. i know the jist of his where-a-bouts through online searching websites and a family friend who works for the state that was able to uncover a residental address. If my friend was able to do uncover this address, why wasn't the attorney general? Wtf is up with that? Seriously? when i used a search engine to search for his residental address 2 people came up. they are both definetly him, and i know this, because listed under each name it shows his former spouses name (my mom) and his relitives. There is only one difference between these two people is their age. one is 38 (real age) and one says he is 89 (false age). these are definetly the same people due to the spouses' name. the relatives listed, and old residences listed that i used to live with him at. (the same basic information occurs or both of them except his age) How is he falsifying information? Could he be using a different social security number? like changing one digit to avoid child support from being taken out of his monthly paycheck? or is there some other way he coud be doing this? From what i know he has a job at the time (hear-say from his side of the family), so how is he avoiding this? Do you have any ideas on how i could find them.(although i do have an address not sure if its acurate) when i do find him how do i prove he has a job and is not paying? Do i do a stake out and take pictures of him at work or what?

Atm he owes us about $10,000 in back child support. We are struggling with monney bad. We recently had to move in with a close relative because we could not support ourselves. Im afraid my mom doesnt push this issue with the attorney generals often enough, so it seems im going to have to address this issue. Im tired of this. He has ****** us over in everything i want Justice to be done! how can i get him to pay child support or get him thrown in jail? his family is also helping him hide his where-a-abouts so can they get in troube for this too?

i know i have a lot of questions, if you could even answer one of them it would be a great help. thank you.
How is my dad getting away with not paying child support, and how can i get him to pay or thrown in jail?
You personally can't legally do anything. Print out the information you found and give it to your mother and encourage her to pursue your dad for child support. I know it is difficult , and finances are tight, but there are a lot of dead beat dads out there who really don't care about anything but themselves. You don't say what the circumstances for your parents splitting up, but there could be some reasons why your mom isn't hounding the courts for support that you aren't aware of.
How is my dad getting away with not paying child support, and how can i get him to pay or thrown in jail?
You can always give the info you found to %26quot;attorney general%26quot; if that who handles Child support in your area.

Your mother can file a simple paper to have his tax return intercepted to be sent to you.

also some states allow for his licenses to be revoked, drivers, contractors, pilot etc.

Some states also allow minor children to be able to sue their dead beat parent, you may need to look in to that.
William, being a minor, YOU cannot initiate anything against your father.. You have stated that your MOTHER doesn't seem to be pushing the issue of the child support very hard. Did you ever think, there may be a reason for her not doing so!? I suggest you sit down with your mother and ask her! If she refuses to elaborate on the subject, respect her wishes. If she asks for your help, then tell her what you have found out, and then let HER take the reins! Also, if the court ever catches up with him, throwing him in jail isn't going to get you that money!!! Think about them apples!

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