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How can I prove that I'm being discriminated against? here's the deal. I applied for a job at a well known retail store. I interviewed, H.R. gave me the job on the provision that I pass the drug test and background check.

So..on my way to take the drug test, they call me and say they rescinded my job offer because my background check came back with a discrepancy, and they gave me a number to call to find out why.

So I call the number and they said that my social security number didn't match my name. I said that was probably due to me changing my name about 3 years ago. The social security number was coming up as my old name. So..they wanted me to fax a copy of my drivers license and social security card. I do. They can't read it, so they ask me to send another copy. I do. They said they cleared it up and now have to run a criminal background check. They said on the paperwork that it takes about 3 to 5 buisiness days.'s been nearly 2 weeks. I keep calling, no one can give me any info on how long
How can I prove that I'm being discriminated against?
Hello my lovely, i've spent 15 minutes trying to find something worthwhile and to be quite honest i don't understand any of the legal jargon (I think they use big words to confuse us little people so we never know where we stand in the eyes of the law!)

Apparently the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) does not protect transgender people. Although there are two different bills, only the first one includes %26quot;gender identity within its protection%26quot;, whereas the second one no longer does (Isn't America progressing - NOT!).

I think the first link below may be useful. I'm sorry i couldn't be more help. I hate any type of prejudice and it makes my blood boil when i see that even the government is failing to do anything about the bigotry!

I hope everything works out for you. x
How can I prove that I'm being discriminated against?
sadly i dont think there are laws against discrimination based on sexuality/gender identity when it comes to the workplace.

as bad as it sounds...the best you can do if this is the case where you live is move on.
I don't think you can prove discrimination, though that's probably whats going on based on your sex change now being known by HR. Id suggest you let it go and keep looking for new job opportunities. Seeing as how you've got your social security problem solved this should hopefully not be an issue anymore. good luck
If you live in California, yes there are laws regarding sexual discrimination.

try the site to find out more, or who to contact, but yes you can do something about it even if it doesn't help you it might help for the next time the employer has a problem with someone.
I suppose this depends upon where you live and what your state's anti-discrimination laws are like. In Maine ours are very liberal. You would get a job in Portland very quickly!
i live in california and yes there are laws about discrimination but good luck on trying to prove them, i was fired and not hired at certain compainies because of what coworkers said and not to mention the constent sexual harrasment i endurded at both places. i contacted the labor board and whatever bunch of phone numbers they gave me and hounded them for months it has now been almost 3 months since i last spoke to someone who was supposed to be returning my phone call, so if there discriminating against just plain old lesbians then i dont see how your gonna be able to prove it against a transman discrimination is everywhere and unfortunately our government is to ignorant to really give a damn about the american public gay, straight or trans

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