Saturday, 24 September 2011

Trying to find a missing realtive Please help? ?

Is it possible to locate someone if they may have changed their name but you have their social security number card? The reason why I am asking is I am having the hardest time locating a family member for a friend. On their birth certificate the mother's name is spelled different from her social security card I don't know if it was a type up or how she spelled it but instead of a %26quot;Y%26quot; in her name she has an %26quot;I%26quot; like alycia but alicia on the certi. we are unsure if she changed her name. We also did tons of online searches and we found under her social that she had passed away then another record said she was still living. We also found a current address under her social. I am confused any help please? We haven't seen or heard from her in 26yrs so I really want to help my friend in this situation. What can I do now to help this search. A private detective might be too expensive and we don't know if she wants to be found or keeping her distance. PLEASE HELP
Trying to find a missing realtive Please help? ?
Trying to find a missing realtive Please help? ?
Well, first thing is first and that is that you are great for helping a friend out- its very kind.

Well to me that the person wants to keep her where abouts secret because her identity and address , etc is so confusing.

My advice to you is tat you sould do even more reseach to compare the statistics. Say if there were 7 reports saying that she is living and 2reports saying she died than assume that she is living (no offence with this example)

And you have to tell me how you find this kinda thing out becuse I dunno a single clue on how to find out these things. I just gave you advice that uses logic.

Hoped i helped!

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