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What should I do about an ex husband who keeps stalking me when the police won't help?

It's been over 2 years and my ex husband keeps stalking me. When we were married, he had memorized my social security number. I've tried changing my ssn a number of times but I kept getting rejected. The people at the social security office told me it had to be for a life/death reason. I've relocated about 3 times and yet he still finds me and will send random letters for me in the mail (the return address will be a random and/or fake...because I'll look it up and it will be from some shopping plaza) there's never a name on the return address either but inside will be a letter in his handwriting saying %26quot;I will be available soon%26quot;...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? and it confuses me how he keeps finding me. Is it because he has my social security number and can track me down? I've tried calling the police and they won't help. They said its not that big of a threat. I'm afraid he will do something to me or my property and he will keep tracking me down as long as I have the same social security number.. He was very abusive when we were married. And apparently he hasn't moved on. Anyways, please help!
What should I do about an ex husband who keeps stalking me when the police won't help?
Did you put a restraining order on him? If not then do so. If he comes around you again you can call the cops and then he will get arrested.
What should I do about an ex husband who keeps stalking me when the police won't help?
My friend has had restraining orders for 3 or 5 days and then it starts all over again. The judge says he is not harassing her. She has no case. What in the world can she do. She is a wreck!

Report Abuse

If the police won't help - go to the State Attorney's office and make a complaint. If that doesn't work - go to your local news whatever it is you have to do to get someone to believe you and act on the stalking. Don't take 'no' for an answer!
Seriously I agree with the first answer. Take it up with an attorney. If that doesn't work, then put the police on blast with your local news agency.

It boggles my mind that police wait until it becomes a %26quot;real%26quot; threat (as in you are hurt) for them to do anything about it. I get that they are understaffed and overworked but damn.

If you can move to another state, I would. And when you move to the other state, do not give your information to anyone until you know that he definitely does not know where you are. Don't leave a forwarding address with the post office either.
I think with the SSN - you should report it being compromised or stolen (your computer has been compromised or something) and that you want to get a new one, and the old one blocked, to prevent abuse / identity theft. If they refuse, send them a formal and registered letter stating that from their refusal on, they will be responsible if the SSN gets abused.

With the mail thing - keep them in a file.

Visit your police every week - if needed - and say you feel threatened.

Also, you might consider sueing your ex, for costs incurred by him forcing you to relocate. Contact legal advise for this.

What the text means - probably nothing, but something to drive you crazy. You could show this to the police and state that according to you this is a threat.

Worst case - get friendly with your local criminals, and ask them if they know how to solve this.. (just kidding, mind you - i do not condone unprovoked violence)
..well you should say smth nice and make him laugh..and let him challenged to marry somebody else....also you should also marry i guess..find smb talk....tell your ex.what you believe...that you been in love with him..but that you are not exactely what he maybe other woman will be luckier..and that you also wait for a more suitable man..etc..
Contact a lawyer, honestly. And continue to call the police and at least document the incidents even if they can't bring up charges, you can have documentation of his weird behavior.
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