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HUGE name problem -- please help!!?

My fiance has a bit of a problem. Well it's both of our problem now. It's really confusing so read closely please. When he was a baby he was adopted and his adoptive mother changed his name. He went to school and graduated high school with the name his adoptive mother gave him. Yet he cannot work because his name doesn't match his social security number because the number is for his old name. Someone tell us what to do. We have been going back and forth with the court house and they keep rejecting everything because we don't have enough documentation, but if he doesn't have it what are we supposed to do about that? It really sucks. I don't understand how you can go to and graduate school with a name that doesn't even has a social security number. He's even went to jail with his adoptive name, without a social security number? His probation identification paper has his picture and his adoptive name and next to where his SS number is supposed to go it has %26quot;unverified%26quot;. We were just going to go and get an ID for him with his birth name just until we can get this name change legal once and for all, but he needs documentation that he does not have because everything has his adoptive name on it. Confusing huh? Have you or anyone you know ever had to go through this and what did they do?? Please help it's really frustrating. We would like to get a move on with our lives. Thanks a bunch!!! You will save our lives literally if you have a correct answer.
HUGE name problem -- please help!!?
All he has to do is get in touch with the clerk of court where the name change was filed, get a copy of the order for the change, and take that to the social security office to have it changed in their records. I just did that for my kids, took 15 minutes.
HUGE name problem -- please help!!?
He just got out of high school, and he's been in jail already?

Seriously, you should dump him.

If you stick with him, things will just get worse and worse and worse.

I have a very serious problem! I lost it all! Please help!?

My wallet was stolen along with my I.D. card, Debit card and Social Security Card. I already put a stop to my old debit card and has since gotten a new one before realizing that my bank account number was also in my wallet so I have to change that too huh?

I made a HUGE mistake by carrying everything with me and it seems that this mistake is irreparable. What can I do to prevent fraud if I don't know if I'll be a victim? Do I have to pay? I'm so lost as to what to do. They have all of my information so everything is so easy. I never realized how important your Social Security number is and how vulnerable someone can be when it's in another's possession. I messed up big time and I just want to know how to fix my mistake. Thanks so much!
I have a very serious problem! I lost it all! Please help!?
Call Social Security and tell them what happened they will cancel that number so it can't be used for anything. Debit cards are easily cancelled, so are ID cards. don't panic!

my wallet got lost and nothing happened.
I have a very serious problem! I lost it all! Please help!?
Sorry for your loss! You can try to get a new everything! Call the social security place and maybe you can get them to help you! Have you tried that? My mom lost her credit card at Wal Mart but allshe had to do was shut off the card to put it in the best sense and also my cousin had his identity stolen too. Just fill yourself wiht the love of your family and everything will be fine! Money is easy. Money isnt everything. You can have a happy life with out all that. Just dont get all depressed and lose all of your frineds. Something similar happened to me. Hope everything works out for the best!
No big deal. Once you change all of the numbers, you just watch what is going on, report any off colored expenses. Chances are someone just pcketed the money and threw the rest out with the trash.

Exactly $89 in it when it was lost.
Carrying your SS card around was a big mistake. Contrary to the above statement, there is no way to %26quot;cancel%26quot; a Social Security card or number. You can get a replacement card.

I would consider placing security freezes on your credit record at all 3 credit bureaus.
Have you contacted one of the credit reporting agencies and asked that a fraud alert be put on your account? That will go a long way in preventing more problems. The one company will share the information with the other two.

I don't think Social Security will cancel your number and issue another so don't be surprised if that tip doesn't work out.
FBI has a new case in their hand. Identity theft. call the credit card company and tell them your card has been stolen. next call your bank and tell them the same. with the pin number the thief can take all your money from the bank. next call social services and tell them your identity is at risk. hope this helps and may they catch the thief.

Was my vehicle wrongfully repossessed?

I purchased a vehicle in AZ in April 2008.

I paid $8,000 down and just over $13,600 all together.

In December 2009, I found out it was financed under the wrong social security number and have been trying since to get it changed in the finance company's system, with no resolve. The finance company would not do anything about it.

Two years and one month after the purchase date, my vehicle was repossessed.

The finance company- which is the finance company for the dealership, same corporation, in-house financing company- tried saying I committed Identity Theft.

They claim not to have my social security card on file, which is what I gave them along with my DL to prove my identity at the point of sale.

The finance company had run an inquiry to my credit score -under my correct social security number- on the date of purchase, however financed the vehicle under the incorrect social security number.

When I told them they could verify that on my credit report to prove it was a mistake made by the dealership, they told me the inquiries disappear after two years (which I feel is why they waited exactly two years and one month to seize the vehicle) and right now I look like I committed identity theft.

The person whose SSN the vehicle was financed under has the same first name and middle initial as me.

I was told this happens frequently from other resources as you can pull multiple social security numbers by first or last name when running an inquiry.

That person filed for identity theft once finding the vehicle financed under her SSN (DUH!).

I was not contacted nor given notice that my vehicle was repossessed, nor was I given other options on how to prevent the repossession.

The finance company and the dealership will not put in writing why my vehicle was repossessed, nor will they give me a penny I paid for the vehicle- nor the vehicle itself- back.

The finance company told me that none of the payments I have made nor the repossession are going to be reported under my SSN.

For whatever reason, they seem to want no record binding me to the transaction following the identity theft claim the other person had filed.

Note that there were some bodily damages yet to be repaired on the vehicle, and neither the finance company nor dealership said anything about getting me to take care of repairs.

They told me it is in my best interest to walk away from the vehicle- no liability to me, and the contract is and has been invalid since the point of sale due to the incorrect SSN (which, by the way, my SSN is nowhere on the contract).

They said I cannot get my money back because it has already been paid towards the vehicle.

They said that if I want the vehicle back to try to find financing elsewhere, because they will not finance the vehicle for me. They also said it is not in my best interest to find financing elsewhere because the car is not worth what I owe.

As I have a sales contract, would I not automatically be responsible to find financing to pay for the rest of the loan??? Again, my SSN is not in any part of the contract.

It is just fishy that they simply want no ties between myself and that vehicle.

I know it is going to be suggested that I contact a lawyer to gain the answers I seek.

I want some opinions on why the finance company and dealership are treating the situation as they are, as it is so upside down and backwards. Do you think they are trying to cover their tracks because of the liability they could face in an identity theft case or do you think they are just trying to rob me blind?

Was my vehicle wrongfully repossessed?
I can totally understand your frustration, you found an error, tried to correct it and it was used in a way that caused you to lose thousands of dollars, and boy does that finance company look like a greedy suspect here,unfortunately, in order to get this resolved, you are going to need an attorney who knows your rights, there are many good attorneys who will give a half hour free consultation, I highly suggest you find one and see if there is any legal recourse that you can pursue, if you win, you may come out ok, but on the other hand the attorneys fees could add up pretty fast too. It sucks when some businesses hide behind bs which is what this looks like, good luck, I hope you can find a plan somehow to help you straighten this mess out.
Was my vehicle wrongfully repossessed?
I don't think anyone here can answer your questions. With all respect, we are only getting your side of the story. It sounds complex and I am sure there is more to it than what you posted.

Anything anyone says is pure speculation. At this point, that is a waste of time. Focus on facts and what you can prove. Yes, you need an attorney, and the time you are spending here is time you are wasting finding one.

I'd be interested in what the outcome is. I hope you post the resolution to the issue here at YA for all to see. Good luck to ya.

Tennesee custody laws? im 16 almost 17 help please

My gradnparents have raised me since a baby i have seen my dad off and on during that time im 16 now ive been spending alot of more time with him. i hate living with my grandparents my papa is always drunk harassing me and my boyfriend my grandma always has to take care of her mother and has no time for me much. what steps do i need to take to move in with my dad he is much more educated and dosent drink anymore and is very well set finacially and treats me better and will have more time for me and help me with school. how to i go about switching custody form grand parents from him. i wouldnt have to change schools or anything. i dont know if they have joint custody or not and my grandma wont give me my social security number or birth certificate what can i do?
Tennesee custody laws? im 16 almost 17 help please
Your dad can obtain your ss card and birth certificate, if his name is on there.

As far as switching custody, your dad should take care of that. He would need to seek legal aid to steer him the right way, should he choose not to hire an attorney.

Although, you don't enjoy living with your grandparents, just don't forget that their the ones who raised you and cared for you. So if and when you move out, just don't forget about them.

I was illegally adopted 27 years ago. How do I go about getting my real Identity?

I was illegally adopted 27 years ago. I have a fake birth certificate that has worked my whole life, but recently was able to retrieve my real birth certificate. Same first name, but totally different last name. I want to be the real me! I want to have my real identity. So how do i go about changing to my real name, getting my real social security number, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated because i want my real identity! Thank you
I was illegally adopted 27 years ago. How do I go about getting my real Identity?
a legal adoption means the original birth certificate was amended. If she ILLEGALLY removed you from father with custody and had a new cert fabricated, that is a different story (and yes.. it does happen).

Up until about the last 1-15 yrs, a custody battle between parents meant that either parent could run with a child, and hide. That means.. it is possible she did not break the law.

I am cautioning you to be careful, and find the real story. It might not all be what it seems..

you can contact me through my profile.. I have 30 yrs genealogy experience, and might be able to help.
I was illegally adopted 27 years ago. How do I go about getting my real Identity?
Go see a family lawyer, first visit is free.
1. You ARE the real you, regardless of the paperwork.

2. EVERY adoption results in a different last name.

3. What makes you believe ANYTHING you were told by however CLAIMS you were illegally adopted?
You were adopted - of course your last name changed. It doesn't mean it's fake. How does your name and SSN define your identity more than the person you've been for the past 27 years? The you now IS the real you!
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  • We don't have enough money for Social Security, more cops, fixing our roads and bridges, for higher education,?

    picking up the trash on the sides of the roads etc. etc. BUT WE ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GIVE THE ELECTED CRIME FAMILY WE HAVE IN WASHINGTON THEIR AUTOMATIC RAISES. Why does the American people allow this? Is it because they are all sheep? Is it because they don't know how to organize and, with a petition, have this changed? Is it because they just don't care? Want to really do something about your non-representing representatives? 1-800-340-9281 is the Congress switchboard number. Call and complaint about what feel they are not doing right. If you've got time to sit here on y/a then you've got

    time to TAKE BACK WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO YOU....YOUR GOVERNMENT. The call is free. And it won't hurt you. Go for it..............
    We don't have enough money for Social Security, more cops, fixing our roads and bridges, for higher education,?
    idk but in response to your profile pic... you old as hell!!!! go take a nap before you have a heart attack grandpa
    We don't have enough money for Social Security, more cops, fixing our roads and bridges, for higher education,?
    we have money for social security. we might run out in another 50 years but we're good now. maybe if we end one of these wars we can start to save. but I'm with you. no raises for congress or any politician.
    Thank you for the number

    How can I prove that I'm being discriminated against? here's the deal. I applied for a job at a well known retail store. I interviewed, H.R. gave me the job on the provision that I pass the drug test and background check.

    So..on my way to take the drug test, they call me and say they rescinded my job offer because my background check came back with a discrepancy, and they gave me a number to call to find out why.

    So I call the number and they said that my social security number didn't match my name. I said that was probably due to me changing my name about 3 years ago. The social security number was coming up as my old name. So..they wanted me to fax a copy of my drivers license and social security card. I do. They can't read it, so they ask me to send another copy. I do. They said they cleared it up and now have to run a criminal background check. They said on the paperwork that it takes about 3 to 5 buisiness days.'s been nearly 2 weeks. I keep calling, no one can give me any info on how long
    How can I prove that I'm being discriminated against?
    Hello my lovely, i've spent 15 minutes trying to find something worthwhile and to be quite honest i don't understand any of the legal jargon (I think they use big words to confuse us little people so we never know where we stand in the eyes of the law!)

    Apparently the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) does not protect transgender people. Although there are two different bills, only the first one includes %26quot;gender identity within its protection%26quot;, whereas the second one no longer does (Isn't America progressing - NOT!).

    I think the first link below may be useful. I'm sorry i couldn't be more help. I hate any type of prejudice and it makes my blood boil when i see that even the government is failing to do anything about the bigotry!

    I hope everything works out for you. x
    How can I prove that I'm being discriminated against?
    sadly i dont think there are laws against discrimination based on sexuality/gender identity when it comes to the workplace.

    as bad as it sounds...the best you can do if this is the case where you live is move on.
    I don't think you can prove discrimination, though that's probably whats going on based on your sex change now being known by HR. Id suggest you let it go and keep looking for new job opportunities. Seeing as how you've got your social security problem solved this should hopefully not be an issue anymore. good luck
    If you live in California, yes there are laws regarding sexual discrimination.

    try the site to find out more, or who to contact, but yes you can do something about it even if it doesn't help you it might help for the next time the employer has a problem with someone.
    I suppose this depends upon where you live and what your state's anti-discrimination laws are like. In Maine ours are very liberal. You would get a job in Portland very quickly!
    i live in california and yes there are laws about discrimination but good luck on trying to prove them, i was fired and not hired at certain compainies because of what coworkers said and not to mention the constent sexual harrasment i endurded at both places. i contacted the labor board and whatever bunch of phone numbers they gave me and hounded them for months it has now been almost 3 months since i last spoke to someone who was supposed to be returning my phone call, so if there discriminating against just plain old lesbians then i dont see how your gonna be able to prove it against a transman discrimination is everywhere and unfortunately our government is to ignorant to really give a damn about the american public gay, straight or trans