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Am I required to give the non-custodial parent (Dad) the baby's social security number and birth certificate?

From what I understand the parents are both able to get that information on their children. I had to pay money for the birth certificate. He doesn't pay any support and never comes to visit. He wouldn't really specify why he needed that information from me. I'm very hesistant to give it to him. BUT at the same time I feel like he doesn't exactly need me to get that information. His name is on the birth certificate. I also had a problem about the baby's last name. When I was pregnant the father completely abandoned me. I was his wife but we were divorced weeks after the baby was born. Since he was not around me when I was pregnant I choose to give the child my last name (I didn't change my name when I was married). This was a big issues in the divorce case. I had no problem giving the baby his last name. I just didn't know if he was planning to be in our lives. The court ordered that the baby's name be changed. Well....once the divorce decree became final and we all got our copies, nothing in there said anything about tha baby's name being ordered to change. Therefore in order for me to get that done it would cost a lot of money. The father quit paying support very shortly after he started and my attorney wouldn't sign the papers in order to fix this problem until he was caught up with support. The case is closed now. I haven't talked to my attorney in about a year and my baby's name is still the same. So this is another issue I have. I'm worried by giving him this type of information he will react badly. He's just out of military and has been having mental problems ever since. Frankly hes pretty scary.

SO I have 3 problems. Should I give him all the information he needs (birth certificate, ss#) even though he won't tell me what he needs it for. Or should he be able to get that stuff on his own. Then the surname change. How should I handle this?

Thanks for any advice.
Am I required to give the non-custodial parent (Dad) the baby's social security number and birth certificate?
First thing, Document Everything. Phone calls, times, email/texts, be specific as possible.

Second, handle one thing at a time so you are not overwhelmed.

Call your attorney and ask about the name change. Maybe your attorney can send him a letter with the requirements of how to change it - that way its not on you and your ex has someone else to talk to. If he's requesting the name change, he will be the one that has to pay for it.

As far as the child's information - this is easy information for him to get on his own. Let him figure it out. Its really only a matter of him going to the Social Security office and showing his ID and your child's Birth Certificate, which is also easy to obtain as you already know. If he wants it bad enough he will get it done.

Good Luck and don't let him get under your skin!
Am I required to give the non-custodial parent (Dad) the baby's social security number and birth certificate?
If this guy wants your baby's social security number and birth certificate, he can get it on his own. Don't provide any information.

The only reason I can think of to need that information is so he can claim the baby as a dependent on his tax return. Make sure you have all records and receipts showing all the expenses you incurred in taking care of this baby. Make sure you claim the baby on your tax return. If he also claims the baby, then IRS will require you to PROVE that you paid over half the baby's expenses, which you did of course.
He could get a copy of the birth certificate on his own. He probably wants to claim him on his taxes thats the only reason i can think of to want his social. Actually he could also open minors account at bank and avoid fees and for that he would need childs social and birth certificate. Ask him nicely what he needs it for but it sounds a little shady either way to me. I'm in similiar situation and I woulnd't give his dad that kind of information Ive been the only parent for 8 years
No he doesn't need the SS# if you give him that information HE can change the baby's name so NO NO NO do not give it to him,....... You should go to the social security office and if your ex is getting benefits thru the social Society office the child should be getting some of his Social Society benefits as Child support.... I had to do that to get support for my child from my dead beat ex husband........
My advice is to call your attorney. You already need to find out more information about whether the fact that the name change isn't included in the final judgment documentation means legally for you. As to the BC and SS#, I'd send him photocopies to have the info but, remind him that he needs to acquire his own certified copies for legal purposes (as the copies don't have raised seals). I know that you have no desire to reasonable and considerate but, I think since he's your son's father you almost always have to take advantage to put forth some minimal efforts and considerations to keep things civil. Continue to proceed against him in your legal efforts with the AG and expect him to support his son but, keep hope that he'll finally choose to parent him as well and make your relationship as amenable as is possible for you at the time. You can be hostile, resistant and make him go to court for everything but, that is risky behavior for you as well legally and does nothing to help you parent your son together, should he decide to make the effort. I wouldn't be apologetic about the name change thing, if (according to your lawyer) you find you legally have no obligation, then make him take you back to court over it. You gave your son a name when he was born, it was the one that made sense to you. If his father was concerned about his birth or his name he would have been there or have contacted you at that time. Not much to be apologetic for IMO.

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