Friday, 16 September 2011

Can i change the address on my social security card?

hey guys

i am an international student on a F-1 visa here in the USA. recently i was offered an on campus job. so i had to apply for a social security card as well. when i went to the social security office to file the application...i remember putting my foreign address on the paper where it said permanent address. well i received my card after two weeks. last week i applied for a student credit card. they rejected my application. here is what they wrote to me

%26quot;Here's what you should know

Unfortunately, we are unable to approve the application at

this time because:

o You have a permanent home address or permanent home

telephone number outside the United States. While our

accounts may be used worldwide, we issue accounts

only to people who reside within the United States.%26quot;

now i know i messed up. when i went to apply for the social security card i should have put my college dorm address where it said permanent address.

my question is can i change the address which i gave to the social security office? can i change it back to my USA address. please tell me how to? is it possible? can i do it over the phone? how long does it take for them to change the address. please tell me this because i have to reapply for the credit card.

thanks in advance. please guys help me out here.
Can i change the address on my social security card?
If you are here on a student visa, then your permanent address is outside the US.

If you use a local bank or credit union, go into that bank to see how you would obtain a credit card in your situation. It may need to be a secured card.
Can i change the address on my social security card?
sorry i don't think you can? you are here on a student visa!! you have to have a work visa to work!! unless you have a work visa you may not be able to work on a student visa??

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