Saturday, 4 June 2011

Social Security Card number changed?

After you get married, is there a time frame to how long you have to change the name and number of your social security card?|||i didnt change mine till four years after we were married, unfortunately, we only stayed married for one more year, so anyway, i dont think there is a time frame|||Your number doesn%26#039;t change. If you decide to take your husband%26#039;s name that is all that changes after you take your marriage certificate to the SS office. I don%26#039;t think there is a time frame involved.|||I don%26#039;t think your number changes, just your name. And there is a time frame. Here%26#039;s a site that should help:鈥?/a>|||no number change or time frame.|||The name change should take place within thrity days, the number will never change.|||I believe your number stays the same, you only change your name.

And changing your name is actually optional.|||I don%26#039;t think there is a time limit. Most places have an 800# listed in the phone book. Just make sure you do it before you start getting your paycheck in your new name.|||theres no specific time frame. however the sooner you get it done the better incase you need it for say... to get your drivers license renewed or a new job for ID. other than that you should be good for a while.|||I do not know about a time frame, but your number does not change. Only the name on the card.|||Your social security number never changes.

You should change the name on it right away, if you are changing your name after marriage. If the name on the social security card doesn%26#039;t match your payroll records, it can screw up your social security benefits. Also, many DMV offices will not issue a new ID or driver%26#039;s license in your new married name unless you have your new SS card with the new name. You can get the form off the web on You can go in person to the local SSA office or do it by mail. (I mailed them my application for a new SS card with an original marriage certificate, and enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to send back the marriage certificate. New card came in about a week.)

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