Saturday, 4 June 2011

I lost my wallet with my social security card and drivers license?

Will someone be able to steal my ss number and get loans or something out under my name? How can I prevent it? also am I able to change my social security number as I am paranoid right now|||All you can do is keep track of your credit score and activity and if you see something you didn%26#039;t know about you call and report it as fraud. Report lost drivers license to DMV. You cannot change your SSN. You should not carry your ss card with you except when taking it to someplace like a new job. It isn%26#039;%26#039;t legal id for anything since it doesn%26#039;t have birth date or picture on it.|||It is very difficult to change an SSI number. Almost impossible. There is not much you can do. You can contact the credit burros and have an alert put on your report that will last 90 days or so.|||I had this problem only my wallet was actually stolen from my house. I went to the Social Security office to change my Social Security number, which you can change a set number of times IN A LIFETIME, and they told me that unless there was actual fraudulent activity concerning my social security number they wouldn%26#039;t change my social security number. So you%26#039;ll have to have documented fraudulent activity to get you SS# changed to a different one. I believe that you can do the same thing for your DL. But pay attention to your credit scores, they will reflect fraudulent activity then you have proof of fraud.|||ALERT call your bank or place where you have an account,alert you local police,boy would i NOT like to be you right now.

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