Saturday, 4 June 2011

Is there a different way on, how you can change your social security number?

hey i recently moved out of my friends house, and i think i life an important document that has my information on it. do you think it%26#039;s a good idea to get a different social security number?|||There is no legal way to get a new social security number. If you are really concerned, you can have the three main credit bureaus put a contact you prior to approving any credit including loans.|||You can%26#039;t get a new SS number. Unless there are some really far fetched circumstances, the one you have is the one you%26#039;ll keep until you die.|||sure... contact your nearest illegal immigrant .. I%26#039;m sure they will be able to help you out !!|||The only way to changes a SS number is if you are in the witness protection program. They will change it for you along with new id.

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