Saturday, 4 June 2011

How can you change your social security number?

Stalker ex girlfriend has done everything under the book. I have proof.

I need to be able to live my life untracked by her or her family.

How is is possible to change your social security number...............

What are legal reasons possible to change one%26#039;s number...|||People in all walks of life can be victims of family violence or harassment, abuse or life-endangering situations. If you are a victim of family violence, Social Security may be able to help you.

Only under special can the number be changed. check out this

link on the website on how to go about doing it

and best of luck to you.|||you should check this website out i really hope this helps and sorry to hear about your situation...but maybe you should move far away and try to start over鈥?/a>|||You need to TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM, not change your number!|||you have to die and then be reborn (like a pheonix!). only then will you be free of this ex girl that is your friend.

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