Saturday, 4 June 2011

How can I change my Social Security number if somebody elso knows it?

Somebody called out my social security number and I don%26#039;t want to have bad credit because of them. I asked someone and they said I would have to be in the witness protection program but my life isn%26#039;t in danger just my credit and credit score. Please have a better solution.|||The Social Security Department will NOT just change your Social Security number because of this. If they did, then they would have to do it for everybody else. You will have to do whatever it takes to protect yourself from identity theft (because it has not happened to you) just call one of the 3 major credit bureaus %26amp; place a fraud alert on your credit (Experian, Equifax %26amp; TransUnion). That way, if anyone tries to open up an account or gain credit under your Social Security #, you can be notified first before any creditor grants it. Also, check your credit history every 3-4 months to make sure there are no unfamiliar accounts %26amp; that no one is posing as you in anyway having different accounts you don%26#039;t recognize. THAT%26#039;S ALL YOU CAN DO. Social Security Dept will only change your # UNLESS.... you have any of the following:

-Identity Theft has already taken place under your name %26amp; caused you major credit problems %26amp; you got proof that someone else is using your Social Security #

- You under the Witness Protection Program because your life is in danger. They will change your Social Security # to protect you.|||you can%26#039;t it is yours for LIFE...

Best thing to do is file a police report for ID theft.

Better safe then sorry....they can use your ID to get credit or job or almost anything in your name with it.

Report it..... NOW|||I would contact the social security administration and let them know what happened and that you would like to protect yourself from identity theft.|||There are reasons you can change your social security number. I David Small who was an attorney was barraged by the credit card industry because of his publication of legal ways to change your social security number. For example, if you were religious and had the number 666 in a row, that would be a valid reason. A court order is a valid reason, but a federal judge has to sign off on it. Small has information on this in a court case in south dakota. Email me at and I will get the Small case for you.

Good Luck

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