Saturday, 4 June 2011

I have been a victim of identity theft & need a new social security number. How can I solicit one?

My phone plan was tampered with, my mail was forwarded to a residence that is not mine, and I%26#039;m afraid it will get worse from here. I told the police what happened and I told Victims Services also. But no one will give me leads as to how to proceed with changing my social security number. Does anyone out there have any advice for me?|||If you are being disadvantaged by someone using your number such as incorrectly arrested, denied credit etc., you can get SS to issue you a new number. It is a lot of trouble for you when your number is changed because so many places have record of you based on that number. Sometimes it is more of a disadvantage to getting a new number.

You will need to go into the Social Security with proof that you are being disadvantaged. The process is similar to when you get your number for the first time. You must be interviewed if you are over age 12, submit proof of birth, proof of citizenship or lawful status and proof of your identity.

Good Luck|||I don%26#039;t think you can change your social security number, unfortunately. You can go online to I think is their website to ask.|||contact the local social security office they can give you advice on what to do. Good luck on this|||You can%26#039;t change your social security number. All you can do is report what has happened to your local social security administration office. They can probably track the person who is responsible. Wish you the best.|||contact social security they can best answer your question|||Well, the police probably haven%26#039;t done anything because you haven%26#039;t experienced financial loss... I%26#039;m not sure if you can get a new social security number or not. But you should go to your city hall with this. And try not to worry too much, it sounds like it could%26#039;ve just been a mistake. After all, people who steal identities are not looking to steal bills.^_^ Not sure if I got the story straight, but I hope the best for you.|||You can not get a new SS #. First thing to do is run your credit report. Look for anything new or does not belong to you.

Below link is to the Federal Trade Commission and will advise you what step to take.

Good luck

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