Saturday, 4 June 2011

How do I get my Social Security card and driver's license changed when I get married?

I live in PA (US) and I am getting married in September. I have read horror stories about people not getting paid because they didn%26#039;t change their social security number to their new married name. Do I do that before or after I get married, and how long does it take? Where do I do it? How long till it takes effect? Also, what about my drivers license?|||You do it after you get married.

It is fairly simple, just go to the social security office with your marriage documents. They change the name and mail you a new card, you usually get it in 2-4 weeks. Same thing with the drivers license, except you get that right away.鈥?/a>|||you do it after... you go to the social security office.... i personally havent yet and i have no issues getting paid.

and drivers license you go to the DMV or whatever it is called in your state and show them your marriage certificate.|||You bring your marriage certificate to the license center and pay the fee to get a new license done.

You can call the social security administration. I think I had to fill out a form and I got my card couple weeks later. I think I needed to give them a copy of my marriage certificate (as proof of marriage).

It really isn%26#039;t a big deal. Just call the right people and ask questions.|||Change Your drivers license first..Go to the dmv to have this done.. Take your old license with you and your wedding certificated. Then go get your social security card changed..You will need your new drivers license, wedding certificated and birth certificated and old s.s. card..You do this after you get married it doesn%26#039;t take long..Your drivers license will be that same day and your new s.s. card will come in the mail..|||ohh its a pain in the a@@ I live in md and you need your birth certificate AND a photo id AND certified copy of marriage license- in md you can get it in like 4-6 weeks... as far as license just go to the dmv with a certified copy of the marriage certificate... seriously its a pain... I know I%26#039;m doin it now :(|||You need to change your name on both. If you take your marriage record and your current driver%26#039;s license, they will change your name on your card and send you a new card. Process takes 7 to 10 days. They will not change your name before you are married.

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