Saturday, 4 June 2011

Change Social Security Number while Enlisted in the Military?

Yeah Apparently I lost my Social Security Card (Well, my whole wallet apparently)

And I went to the Social Security Office today and got a verification of social security so I can get on base but Im still worried about the person who obtained my Social Security Card along with my ID and CAC Card.

How can I prevent Identity theft?

I heard that the fraud prevention can freeze your credit reports but can screw me over later on when I want to purchase a car or somethin.

What should I do to prevent Identity theft or that person from opening false bank accounts and so forth!?!

Should I change my Social Security Number or something? idk :(

Im currently Enlisted in the United States Air force Reserve|||Step one: Contact each of the three credit reporting bureaus and ask for a credit freeze. Their phone number for credit freezes can be found via google (Experian, Transamerica, and forget the 3rd). I had to do this for a different reason - my cost was $15 for each bureau. Gotta do all three since it only takes one to grant credit. If you are concerned, DO NOT delay! To lift the freeze, you can do it temporarily for a specific timeframe or permanently - another $15. Good side - no one can open any credit using your SSN since all credit agencies to include car dealers will check your credit rating and will find that your credit report is frozen - they cannot see it until you temporarily or permanently release the freeze.

IF you do in fact become a victim of ID theft, report it to the police. Get a copy of the report. The credit bureaus do not charge you if you have a police report. You can also take the report to the Social Security Office and request issuance of a new number. They will be hestiant to do this, but others have successfully done so after the SS Office has determined the extent of the ID theft. Of course, this creates new problems for you. You will have no credit rating since your current rating is based on your current SSN. You will have to work with the Credit Bureaus to sync the numbers - hard task fraught with more problems. The military personnel and pay system as well as the IRS will have to be notified - you will need to followup to make sure everything is changed. You will need to check and make sure that each has linked your old SSN with the new. This is why the SS Admin is very reluctant to issue a new number. If you feel that it is necessary, take your police report and any evidence that others are using your SSN to the SS Office and request a new number. They will make the final determination.

Report loss of the CAC IMMEDIATELY to prevent any access by unauthorized persons to military computers. Hopefully, your passwords were not in your wallet. Also report loss of your ID card. For the military, you do not need a new SS card. They have that info in your units computer. They also know who your are. If you are a Reserve currently on active duty, all you needed to do is go to the gate and ask the guard to contact your unit. Someone from your unit would be dispatched to escort you to S-1 for issuance of a new CAC and ID card.

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC-Retired

You aren%26#039;t the 1st person for this to happen. It occurs in all the military services despite how hard you try to ensure it doesn%26#039;t. Thanks for serving.|||You can get a new card but not a new number.

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