Saturday, 4 June 2011

How do you change your Social Security number?

I have a lawsuit with a company that got a laptop stolen with alot of peoples(including mine)information stolen.This included among other things our Social Security numbers.

I went to Social Security and brought my court documents and they said we need the final outcome AND you have to change your name.

Can anyone shed some light on this?Why if there is already proof our Social Security numbers are in a criminals possesion can%26#039;t we just get our Social Security numbers changed and what are some tips to help us with the process.|||Social Security will only issue new numbers if you have been disadvantaged by someone using your number. For example: incorrectly arrested or denied credit. Your number being in the hands of a criminal is not justification for being issued a new number.|||Only in very rare circumstances will the government change a SSN. What you should be doing is the normal precautions (credit record freezes, monitor your reports, etc.).|||You should also get a lawyer to help with the process, and to sue the company and or criminal. This isn%26#039;t a quick solve problem this kind of stuff takes years to correct. Getting a Identity Protection service is also a good idea.

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