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How Can I change my son's social security number?

My 15 year old son is a victim of identity theft. I tried calling experian and equifax but they don%26#039;t deal with Minors Only Trans union deals with minors and there no help either. I faxed in his birth certificate and social security card like a week ago and they still haven%26#039;t got it. and even if i clear things up with them, I still need to clear things up with the other credit bureaus. Plus I%26#039;m not sure if there are any current accounts open in his name so they could report to his credit anytime. And then I have to keep doing this. I contacted the police and made a police report because I believe it is my ex husband doing this but I don%26#039;t have any proof or a bill with his name on it to press charges. This has been going on since 2005. I just found out that a bank just reported to his credit report. I can%26#039;t really access his credit report because he is a minor. What should i do? I really want to clear this up but it%26#039;s so stressful because nobody is helping me. I feel like crying because I am a mother and I can%26#039;t do anything. I just want to change his Social security number. Can i do that? What number should i call? I called the social security department and their wait time is like 1 hour. The office is located in Sacramento and I live in San diego. I don%26#039;t know what to do. I don%26#039;t want him to have bad credit when he hasn%26#039;t even had a chance to use it.|||I%26#039;m in your son%26#039;s EXACT SAME shoes!!! Sadly enough, my identity was stolen when I was 15 due to some stupid mistakes on my mother%26#039;s part.

From what I understand, you cannot change your son%26#039;s SSN until you take the folks who abused his credit to court, fix everything, and then his identity is stolen AGAIN. I kid you not. There must be evidence that his number is being repeatedly abused, and AFTER you have taken these guys to court, in order for you to get a new # for him

This is the info that I got directly from the social security administration. Like I said, I am in your son%26#039;s shoes, and due to the fault of my own mother (just as your son is with his father). :(

See this site: You CAN get his credit report!!!!!!! But changing his number is not so easy.|||Call Trans Union Fraud Dept. Their toll free # 1-800-680-7289. They should automatically notify the other 2 credit bureaus and must be renewed every 90 days in order to keep it active. Social Security also has a fraud dept and their toll free 1-800-269-0271|||Have you called the IRS and Social security? It may involve your getting a lawyer. If you dont have the cash for that, contact the legal aid society in your area.! hour is a small price to pay to get this cleared up, fair lady. good luck.|||Here look at this , it says you can|||FIrst of all, How did the suspect or suspects get the SS#?

If it was stolen or lost the first thing you need to do is get a police report, even if it happen some time back.


NOTIFY THE POLICE OR SHERIFF鈥橲 OFFICE: If you believe that your identity has been fraudulently used by another person without your consent, contact your local Police Department or Sheriff鈥檚 Office to file a criminal report. Document the names and phone numbers of everyone you speak to regarding the incident. List exactly what has happened, such as bad checks, credit card abuse or misuse of name, state driver license or identification card. Follow up your phone calls with letters. Keep a copy of the criminal report.

CONTACT THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION: Report the unauthorized use of your personal information to (800) 269-0271; fax: (410) 597-0118; write: SSA Fraud Hotline, P.O. Box 17768, Baltimore, MD 21235; or visit their website: Also call SSA at (800) 772-1213 to verify the accuracy of the earnings report on your SSN, and to request a copy of your Social Security Statement, or get a replacement SSN Card if yours is lost or stolen.


FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC): The FTC is one place to report ID theft to the federal government. To file an identity theft complaint or request information call: (877) 438-4338, TTY: (866) 653-4261 or write Identity Theft Clearinghouse, FTC, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20580 or sure to ask for the free brochure: Take Charge: Fighting back against identity theft.



Just FYI never fax copy or send a document.

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