Saturday, 4 June 2011

How do you change your social security number? my mom is going around using my stuff w/o my permission?

Yes, I do live with her but please believe me I never gave her permission to use my SSN!

Yes, her credit is messed up and she owes comcast etc thats why she cant get it in her name

Yes, I have told her to get the stuff out of my name because I dont want bad credit, im still young!

-She has been using fake names for years to get cable, electric etc

We just moved fom VA to MD, and while she looked and found a house in MD I was still in VA..she told me she put my name on the electric when I got here, but she made it seem like I was a cosigner? but as I was looking through the mail I seen that the bill was in my FULL name only not hers! And the comcast bill is in my name too and I opened it and I seen how she isnt paying the bill..over $400..some of youll may think that %26quot;oh, you live there blah blah%26quot; but she has a history of goin around and signing people names, she done it to my grandmother and now she owes the IRS because of her!|||

and also I agree with previous answer .. you are in a very tough situation especially if you live with your parent/parents. ..absolutely get a new number..your credit is getting ruined before you are even old enough to apply for it ..|||You need to go right to your Local Social Security Office. Explain what has happened or just ask for a new number. They will help you. But they can not do it over the telephone. So protect yourself and go get a new number. Then make sure your Mom does not ever get it again. She could go to jail for this and she needs to Respect your future. What in the hell is wrong with some of these low life Parents ??

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