Saturday, 4 June 2011

How do I change a spelling mistake in the last name of my social security card? I am NOT living in the US.?

I am not a US resident but I have a social security number because i worked in the US over the summer. Pretty soon I%26#039;m going to have to file for income tax returns, but there%26#039;s a spelling mistake in my last name that i didn%26#039;t have time to correct while i was in the US! Should I file for income tax using the stated name in my social security even if it%26#039;s wrong? But I might not be able to get my money back if the name on the cheque does not match my actual name.|||Here are the instructions on how to change your name on your SS card鈥?/a>

To change your name on your Social Security card:

1. Complete an Application For A Social Security Card (Form SS-5);

2. Show us proof of your:

- U.S. citizenship (if you have not previously established your citizenship with us) or immigration status;

- Legal name change; and

- Identity.

3. Take (or mail) your completed application and documents to your local Social Security office.

Here is a list of international offices of SS that you can contact or send in your form. If you are in any of these countries, I suggest you call their office and contact them about your predicament鈥?/a>|||Oh good Lord. That is so hard to do, and I am living in the states. I had to go back 4 times, got a court order and still gave me trouble. Good luck. It cost us almost $500.00 dollars to go through the court.

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