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Can someone tell me how and if i can change my kids' social security number?

we currently have a restraining order against their father, and he has/had no contact without psych eval....and hasnt seen his kids in over a year...this last year, he fraudulently filed taxes claiming our kids using their ss numbers that i did not give to him...and also has used his other sons ss to obtain cable and phone etc, and might do the same with my kids%26#039;. I want to have their numbers changed, but cant find anything online telling me if i can, and what circumstances are needed to do so...please help...would like to do anything that can be contested while he is in prison (doing a name change as soon as we can afford it while he is in and would like to do the number change at same time).....please include informational websites too,,,,thanks|||

This is a link to the Social Security web site. On the page it says that a person can get a new social security number in %26quot;certain circumstances%26quot;.

I would suggest you call the Social Security administration (the site provides contact info) and explain the situation. They may give your kids a new number since what has happened is basically identity theft.

My best advice to you would be to call the companies that your ex used the kids names and numbers to make accounts with and explain to them the situation. If you have proof that this was done fradulently, they may be able to help you. I would suggest getting any documentaion you can proving that your ex has been doing what you say he has been doing. The first place to start would be to make a police report if you can.

I would also contact the IRS and make sure they know that your ex claimed the kids when he shouldn%26#039;t have. As far as I know, if two people claim the same kids as dependants, the IRS is supposed to request proof of who the children lived with and who supported them. The person who actually supported the kids gets to claim them. The exceptions are if he didn%26#039;t claim them as dependants, but claimed his support only or if he lived with and supported them for 6 months of the year.|||i really dont think you can do that it is an identification number used by the government to keep track of people all i beleive you can do is change their name and if he tries something that again the number wont match the name on file and it wont happen fraudulant charges again|||each person has their own SS number, it stays with you throughout your life and working life. You can%26#039;t change the number for that person, you can%26#039;t get an additional one, however if you had your name changed in court you can change the name on it...but what good would changing your name do since he still has the SS numbers . I suggest you solve the problem thru an attorney.|||There is no way to get those numbers changed but you can report your ex for claiming the kids on his taxes when he knows that it was wrong to do so. You can%26#039;t change SS numbers, but you can also talk to Social Security and see if they offer you any other suggestions to see to it that he doesn%26#039;t use their numbers in the future for taxes or anything else. Call the SS Office first, then call the IRS and report him, then move and change your phone number like you were saying. You know you don%26#039;t have to have your number listed, don%26#039;t you? And if you choose to have it listed anyway, don%26#039;t use your name for the listing in the book, just use your initials with your last name. That way it sounds like the number might be for a man and could get it overlooked if someone were trying to get the number. I don%26#039;t know of any websites except for the government listing for Social Security that might help. I%26#039;m sort of new at all this computer stuff, but I wanted to try and help you anyway. That man sounds like such a scoundrel! Best of luck to you and your kids!|||It can be changed. Some people who have had their numbers used by hundreds of illegal aliens were granted new numbers. You have to go to the Social Security Service office and start the review process to see if your case has merit. It%26#039;s not done often.|||Go to the local Social Security Office in your area and tell them about your concerns. I%26#039;m sure they can do something. I%26#039;m not sure what this program is called, but you can place some form of an alert on the SS Numbers and before any transaction is finalized, you%26#039;ll be alerted that someone is using the numbers. So check with the SS office.|||yeah go to the same place you got it from or the internet

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