Saturday, 4 June 2011

My father knows my social security number and the rest of my personal information, so how can I prevent him...?

...from doing parasitic things with it since we are deadly enemies? Social security change? What if he goes to the bank and says %26quot;I am the father of (my name), give me his debit account number%26quot;, will the bank disclose it freely if he knows my social security/birth date/ and has certificate of birth/ and other things??? Can I notify the government to make sure that my father is kept under close watch??|||If you%26#039;re a minor, he has parental rights over you, and is able to do such things. You will have to have his parental rights terminated, and this is usually done in conjunction with getting someone else appointed as your legal guardian.

If you%26#039;re a legal adult, then he can%26#039;t do this. Seriously, he can%26#039;t legally do this. The bank would be in a world of trouble if they gave out account numbers. He couldn%26#039;t do much with a debit account number, anyway, it%26#039;s the credit card number that he might be able to do some damage with, and even then, there are safeguards in place.|||tell you bank, etc. not to give info out on you to anyone not on your account.

keep watch and report if any illegal activities.|||How old are you?

Try making up with your father.

The bank won%26#039;t give out info on your account unless you are underage.

Of course your father will have all that information.

I think you may be a little paranoid on what %26quot;MIGHT%26quot; happen.

I am going to assume he still loves you regardless of your squabbles.

Try praying together.|||Don%26#039;t %26quot;what if%26quot; yourself to death. If you%26#039;re really interested, look up your state%26#039;s laws concerning identity theft. And no, you can%26#039;t ask big brother to babysit your father. The government gets involved after crimes are committed, not before. If your father really is your %26quot;deadly enemy%26quot; tell child protective services or a teacher or a school counselor or the school nurse or a police officer.

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