Saturday, 4 June 2011

How do I change my Social Security number?

How do I change my Social Security number?

My ex-wife has all my info and is steadily trying to get credit cards and hurt my credit, our divorce isn%26#039;t final yet. Is there a way to apply for a change of SSN?|||You can%26#039;t change your Social Security number. You can put yourself on credit alert. That way, anytime anybody tries to obtain credit (including yourself) they have to call you and verify it was you trying to get it before they grant it.|||Its impossible, the government has you.|||You can%26#039;t change your social security number. There may be a way to block things that she is doing though.

I am not sure about this but I heard that you can buy a new identity for about $20K. That would change your SSN.|||You need to request a credit freeze from all three bureaus. This will require creditors to contact you by phone before any lender can establish a new line of credit.|||you cant change your SSN unless you%26#039;re under the witness protection or something|||You can ASK the Social Security Administration. They WILL decline your request. Unless you prove someone is ACTIVELY using you SSN for fraud, they won%26#039;t even CONSIDER the request.

Note A credit freeze prevents anyone from accessing you credit report. It DOES NOT prevent someone from obtaining credit in your name. If the lender does not check your credit file, they will never know there is a credit freeze in place.|||Nope

Only thing you can do is put a freeze on your credit.

She wouldn%26#039;t be able to do anything at that point.

LifeLock offers such a service as do the credit bureaus.

Ask your divorce attorney about it.

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