Saturday, 4 June 2011

Is it possible to get your social security number changed?

If so, how do you go about doing this?|||No. You can only get a new social security number if you are a domestic abuse victim or your life is endangered.|||it is not|||no you cant|||yes, go to a SSN office...|||No not without a really REALLY REALLY good reason, and a lot of proof.|||well you would first have to stage your own death.......then you can start fresh|||Nope, it isn%26#039;t. Only those in the witness protection program get new ones. You need to get your credit report and get to work contacting those institutions NOW.|||Then they got your credit card number and not your SSN. Close that account and get a new one.|||im sure you can if you cant its a sad sad world! but like the person above me said u would need a really good reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||nope|||no, not even with a good can not do it legally.|||There are two circumstances that they allow you to change your number. First is in domestic violence situations and the other is for fraud. The fraud part is very hard to do without a lawyer. I suggest that you go and report it to the local authorities and then hire a lawyer. Depending on how severe the fraud is, he or she can speak up for you about changing your number. Good luck.|||You may be a victim of identity theft...close that account right away and talk to the manager of your bank!|||No, you can change your name but not you SSN.|||you can%26#039;t change it but you should contact the ssi office if you suspect identity theft.|||only if your identity is stolen or you change your name......

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